Finding The Right Autoclave For Your Purpose With Thymol Autoclave

Autoclaves are effective machines that are used worldwide for various applications. The applications range from industrial use to scientific ones. Earlier, the technology was limited and therefore, people had to import the machines at a higher price. But now, autoclave manufacturers in the country have made it quite simple to supply and sales of these machines.

One such company is Thymol Autoclave which specializes in autoclave manufacturing in India. We will discuss further the products and how they can solve your autoclave needs. But let us first understand what an autoclave is.

What you know about Autoclave machines

An autoclave is a jacketed chamber that helps in maintaining elevated temperature or pressure. Suppose, you have a component that you wish to store at a higher temperature and/or pressure than the ambient conditions. This machine helps you achieve that. A typical autoclave has an insulated chamber with copper tubes running through the jacket. The machine has a self-lock capacity that avoids leakage or mixing up of ambient air with the chamber air.

Applications Of an Autoclaves

The main purpose of the autoclaves is to sterilize the equipment and supplies fed to them. These machines are widely used in:

  • Microbiology
  • Medicines
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory
  • Chemical
  • Metallurgical
  • Food

Some autoclaves treat medical wastes and effluents and decontaminating any components from microorganisms, chemicals, and other foreign particles that cannot withstand high temperature or pressure.

Types of Autoclaves

There are several types of autoclaves made in India now. Some of the common autoclaves present in the market are:

  • Horizontal autoclave
  • Vertical autoclave
  • Mushroom autoclave
  • Rectangular autoclave

All of these can be used for common sterilization purposes for hospitals and pharma labs.

About Thymol Autoclave

Thymol Autoclave has specialized in manufacturing all types of autoclaves for various purposes in hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories. The company was established in 2011 and since then, they have become one of the leading horizontal autoclave suppliers in India.

They understand the need for sterilization and the rules surrounding the specifications for autoclaves have made them produce reliable products. The horizontal autoclave manufacturers in India have seen good growth in the segment. However, the Thymol autoclave is more inclined toward providing results.

The horizontal autoclaves by them are designed in different shapes to meet the needs of the customers. They have designed the autoclaves in cylindrical, rectangular, and cylindrical square shapes.

The autoclaves consist of:

  • A sterilization chamber – is the major area where you can put the equipment and other supplies.
  • Boiler – the boiler is used to heat the water in the tubes. It radiates the heat to the air inside the chamber to attain a particular temperature and pressure.
  • Pipe fittings – the pipe fittings and jackets are built-in superbly so that the fitments are unexposed.
  • Frame – the support frame is used to keep the whole unit easy to place and move.
  • Safety equipment – safety sensors and equipment are deployed on the autoclave to avoid glitches and temperature or pressure abnormality.
  • Control panel – a control panel is mounted alongside to manually control the different parameters and aspects of the machines.

So, if you are looking to purchase a horizontal autoclave for your laboratory or hospital, you can sincerely check the product range offerings from the company and select the ones that match your application needs.

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